Coraflon tm ADS Fluorinated Coatings

Superior quality and endurance in a field-applied coating

Coraflon ADS coatings are optimized for building restoration and are recommended for the restoration of weathered building panels and accents. Coraflon ADS coatings also feature low VOC (less than 100 grams per liter VOC in many colors) so it can be used in most regions including the California South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Use the Coraflon ADS system on aluminum building panels, walls, roofs, doors, window frames, handrails, stairs and other structurally sound surfaces. Surface Preparation / Application Guide

How can you save money over the life of a building? Use Coraflon ADS, a coating that offers longevity even under extreme environmental conditions. The chemically inert Coraflon ADS composition delivers a brilliant, low-maintenance finish that stands the test of time. Coraflon ADS coatings resist marring and abrasion, are extremely chalk resistant and repel surface dirt and contaminants that make a commercial building look prematurely old. That's the kind of durability you would expect from the company that introduced Duranar coatings almost 40 years ago; the coatings that have a proven track record to last 20 years and still look great.

Coating with the Coraflon ADS system keeps costs down and alleviates structural issues posed by a panel replacement. Recoating shortens the renovation cycle, allowing owners and tenants to return to normal operations much faster.

Coraflon ADS coatings offer the same long life span as new factory finished panels. With its superior fluoropolymer resin, utilizing proprietary PPG technology, Coraflon ADS coatings will last much longer than panels repainted with conventional coatings. The longer life of Coraflon ADS coatings saves the expense and down time of successive repaints. In fact, the Coraflon ADS system, with its
long life span has allowed building owners to treat renovation costs as a capital expenditure rather then a maintenance expense, permitting them to amortize the cost over a long time frame.

CORAFLON ADS GIVES YOU MORE OPTIONS ...SO YOU GET THE EXACT LOOK YOU WANT. Coraflon ADS coatings chemically cross link to form a clear inert fluoropolymer film. Its unique formulation enables Coraflon ADS coatings to attain a rich palette of vivid solid colors, metallics and special effects. From high gloss to soft satin sheens that help mask building imperfections, broad ranges of gloss levels are available.

Unlike Coraflon ADS coatings, ordinary air-dried fluoropolymers form a film by solvent evaporation to form layers, but do not cross-link. These coatings have a narrow gloss range and cannot achieve bright, clean colors. PPG has the largest fluoropolymer coating color database; expert coating selection assistance, color matching, electronic color services, and diagnostic capabilities to assure you the widest color availability.

PPG has been recognized as a leader in fluoropolymer coatings since the introduction of Duranar® in 1965. This technology sparked a design revolution. It empowered architects to utilize color and
metallic effects like never before in building design. PPG continues this tradition of excellence with the introduction of the Coraflon™ family of coatings.