Precision Coatings Performance Finishes

Precision Coatings advanced technology brings extended lifecycle performance to fine finish quality acrylic polyurethanes, waterborne polyurethanes and polysiloxanes to produce solid colors, metallics, pearls, clears of outstanding clarity, color retention and gloss retention. Precision's DTM 1300 epoxy primer, DTM 1600 waterborne polyurethane primer and DTM 3000 aliphatic polyurethane primer, PC3 acrylic urethane finishes, PC5 polysiloxane finishes and PC6 waterborne polyurethane finishes are available in less than 100 grams per liter VOC formulations that are LEED NC 2009 compliant.


EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint

EeZeClean Dry Erase Coatings

Precision Coatings EeZeClean is a LEED compliant, low odor, dry erase coating that turns smooth walls and columns into writable and erasable surfaces with dry erase pens and markers. EeZeClean Dry Erase Coating is a weatherable epoxy and can be used on smooth exterior as well as interior surfaces to create a dry erase writable surface. EeZeClean is available in white, clear, black, high visibility metallics and custom colors. Click here to visit the EeZeClean Dry Erase Paints and Coatings website.

Precision PC6 Waterborne Urethane

Precision Coatings PC6 is a waterborne pre-reacted polyurethane for interior / exterior application in occupied and conditioned space. PC6 is a very low odor, non-isocyate, LEED compliant performance urethane with excellent scrubability, abrasion resistance and flexibility that provides extended lifecycle service for both interior and exterior applications. Available in metallics, solid colors and clears, PC6 is a fast dry single component urethane for the commercial architectural market including hospitality, healthcare, institutional and retail where facility operations do not allow a full shutdown for coatings application. In the example below, interior and exterior entry doors and window mullions were coated with PC6 metallic silver while operations continuing in the retail store.

Retail Store Mullionons Coated with Precision's PC6 waterborne polyurethane.

Precision Coatings SlipShield 1000

Precision SlipShield 1000 providing increased slip resistance for both wet and dry servic on a tile floor.

Precision SlipShield 1000 enhances the wet and dry slip resistance and stain resistance of ceramic tile, polished stone, coated concrete flooring, concrete floors and steel decking without the use of hard to clean and aesthetically unappealing angular aggregates in the film. Precision SlipShield 1000 is for use in commercial architectural, institutional and industral maintenance environments. As a clear coating SlipShield 1000 will not diminish the aesthetics of ceramic tile or polished stone flooring. As a solid color, SlipShield 1000 is availble in OSHA safety colors as well as common floor coating colors. SlipShield is an extended lifecycle sealer based upon an advanced weatherable epoxy polymer that provides years of service for pedestrian traffic when applied and maintained as directed. Call us at 562.691.9600 or 714.777.0300 for a preferred applicator in your area.

Product Data and Application

Precision Coatings

Precision Coatings Corrosion Resistant Primers

Precision Coatings Performance Finish Coats

Precision Coatings Additives

PDF Document PC 02150 Metal Conditioner Metal Preparation Cleaner and Phosphatizer
PDF Document PC 12030 Urethane Accelerator for PC3v100
PDF Document PC 15000 Surface Tension Eliminator for PC3v100
PDF Document PC 16050 Zero VOC Reducer (acetone can be substituted) for PC3v100
PDF Document PC17000 Zero VOC Equipment Cleaner (acetone can be substituted)



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