About Coatings West, Inc.

Coatings West, Inc. supplies performance coatings, protective coatings, product finishes, specialty architectural coatings as well as solutions for application professionals, architects and engineers. Our solutions include floor coatings, corrosion protection systems, specialty architectural coatings, metallic coatings, low VOC coating systems and chemical containment systems. We supply inorganic zinc rich primers, surface tolerant epoxies, vinyl-esters, urethane cements, fine finish polyurethane coatings and polysiloxane coatings for professional application.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings (formerly Ameron Performance Coatings, Sigma Coatings, Champion Coatings, Keeler and Long, PPG HPC) with well known coating systems including Amerlock surface tolerant epoxy, Amershield abrasion resistant polyurethane, Dimetcote zinc rich primer, Nu-Klad epoxy flooring systems, PSX polysiloxane coatings Amercoat epoxies and urethanes, Coraflontm ADS, PPG Durethane, DTR, PPG Anti-Slip Safety Flooring and Megaseal are recommended by Coatings West for industrial performance, tank linings, flooring and exterior finishes.

Precision Coatings DTM primers, PC3 acrylic aliphatic polyurethanes, PC4 OEM aliphatic polyurethanes, PC5 siloxane finishes, PC6 waterborne polyurethanes, EeZeClean professional dry erase coatings, Reflect 3000 IR reflective coatings and SlipShield 1000 slip resistant sealers are engineered for beauty, performance and extended lifecycle service in low and ultra low VOC formulations. Precision Coatings offers direct to metal primers, sanding primers, fine finish quality metallic, solid color and clear polyurethanes as well as siloxanes to meet the highest quality standards of professional finishers, architects, designers and specifiers.

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