This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

I am specifying your Precision Coatings metallics in a hotel that can't be shut down. Does Precision make a low odor metallic?

Precision PC6 finish coat and DTM1600 primer are LEED compliant, waterborne, pre-reacted polyurethane coatings that provide a high grade finsih, excellent durability and can be applied in occupied structures. A well known, very high end Las Vegas resort hotel is currently using PC6 on the remodel of a major restaurant due to the low odor, outstanding appearance and srub resistance of this outstanding single component polyurethane.


Do you have dry erase coatings that can be used on walls in health care facilities that are occupied?

Coatings West recommends Precision Coatings' EeZeClean dry erase coating which is LEED compliant, low odor and a low VOC modified epoxy. EeZeClean is getting great reviews for its dry erase ink release properties, ease of application and low cost per square foot. EeZeClean is manufactured by Precision Coatings in Springfield, Missouri. Precision Coatings recommends professional application and a list of applicators is available at the EeZeClean website.

Visit Coatings West Dry Erase Paint Guide to learn more about dry erase paints and coatings.

Can PSX 700 be used as a dry erase coating for walls?

PSX 700 does have excellent dry erase ink release properties, however, PSX 700 has an extremely high cohesive strength due to its design for use on industrial projects. The high cohesive strength can tear apart weak substrates such as acrylic latex paints and even dry wall. If the surface you are coating is steel or non-ferrous metal PSX 700 will perform well as a dry erase coating, but such substrates are not commonly found in the commercial architectural or institutional markets.

Precision's EeZeClean Dry Erase Coating uses a much more flexible resin system that is designed for topcoating acrylic latex coated walls and dry wall. Precision's EeZeClean has excellent dry erase ink release properties, is LEED compliant and low odor.

Visit Coatings West Dry Erase Paint Guide to learn more about dry erase paints and coatings.

How do you spray metallic coatings?

Metallic and iridescent coatings such as PC3v100 and PC6 require greater concentration to apply correctly than solid colors as the metallic (aluminum flake) or iridescent particles (mica) nust orient correctly to reflect light back in an even manner. Precision Coatings provides Guidance for the Application of Metallic and Iridescent Coatings.



How do I mix Amerlock?

Amerlock must always be drill motor mixed in order to properly cure.  Use an explosion proof drill motor with a Jiffy mixer or Jiffler mixer to mix each component until you have a homogenous material.  Mix the two components together with the drill motor mixer to achieve a homogenous blend of the two materials.  This may take several minutes.  Immediately start the application of the material upon attaining a homogenous blend.


Where can I find application data for each of PPG Protective and Marine Coatings products?

Application data on each of PPG PMC's product can be found on the Catalog page either in the appropriate Data sheet or on the Application Instructions. PPG Protective and Marine Coatings data sheets usually have the application instructions included but some products have separate Application instructions. You can also obtain the PPG Protective and Marine Coatings information along with MSDS sheets at the PPG PMC website.


How is the application of metallics different than the application of a solid color?

Precision Coatings has produced an application guide for metallic and iridescent coatings that is useful to the applicator who has experience with opaque coatings but has never applied metallic coatings. Metallic and Iridescent Application Guide

Precision Coatings Guide for Restoring Fluorinated Polymer Panel Systems

PPGs Coraflon ADS Guide for Restoring Fluorinated Polymer Panel Systems