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Coatings West, Inc. supplies performance coatings, protective coatings, industrial coatings, product finishes, marine coatings, commercial architectural finishes as well as coating solutions for application professionals, architects and engineers. Floor coatings, corrosion resistant coatings, metallic coatings, dry erase coatings, automotive refinish coatings, interior performance coatings, LEED compliant coatings, mil-spec coatings and ultra-low VOC and no VOC coatings are available from Coatings West. Our technical sales staff is ready to support you with coating recommendations, application advice and outstanding performance coating products.

Wind towers coated with Coatings West's PPG Amercoat corrosion resistant coatings.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings (formerly Ameron Performance Coatings and Sigma Coatings) manufactures corrosion resistant coatings, maintenance coatings, tank linings and marine coatings including:

Precision Coatings manufactures performance coatings and commercial Office tower coated with Precision Coatings metallic aliphatic polyurethane coating system which is LEED compliant.architectural finishes including metallics, iridescents, solid colors in LEED compliant, low VOC acrylic urethanes, polysiloxanes and waterborne polyurethanes for exterior and interior applications. Precision also manufactures dry erase coating systems for classrooms, offices and commercial meeting spaces, as well as a slip resistant sealer for ceramic tile and polished stone.



March 2012

SlipShield 1000 increases slip resistance of flooring at MGM Grand Las Vegas Wet Republic

Slip Shield 1000 adds increased slip resistance at the ultimate Las Vegas pool party location, Wet Republic at the MGM Grand. SlipShield 1000 has been applied to tile floors at the Wet Republic venue to improve the coefficient of friction on wet and dry tile. SlipShield 1000 is a unique sealer with polymeric properties that adheres to ceramic tile, polished stone and coated surfaces increasing the coefficient of friction of flooring substrates. SlipShield 1000 is ultra-violet resistant, easily cleaned and can be applied with or without a translucent aggregate.

January 2012

EeZeClean Dry Erase Coatings available in white, clear, metallics and custom colors

EeZeClean Dry Erase Coatings are low odor, LEED compliant and occupied space application friendly. EeZeClean is available in white, clear, metallics and custom colors.

December 2011

Single Component High Performance Waterborne Coatings From Precision Coatings

Robust Polyurethane Performance in a Single Component, Low Odor Coating System

Precision Coatings® introduces PC 6, a high performance single component, waterborne, pre-reacted polyurethane finish coat with low odor and no isocyante for interior and exterior occupied space application. PC6 is available in solid color, metallic, iridescent and clear formulations including gloss, semi-gloss, satin, egg-shell and matte. PC6 is a corrosion resistant finish coat, applied at less than 75 grams per liter VOC. PC6 is LEED compliant.

DTM 1600 primer is a single component, corrosion resistant, pre-reacted polyurethane primer that is less than 50 grams per liter VOC and has a very low odor. DTM 1600 is designed for interior and exterior occupied space application.

PC6 and DTM 1600 are high performance coatings designed to be applied in commercial architectural, retail, healthcare, institutional and hospitality markets that demand performance but cannot shutdown during application. PC6 and DTM 1600 are fast dry and have a very low odor and no isocyanate.

Slipshield 1000 slip resistant coating applied to the Mercedes Benz Superdome concourses

Precision Coatings slip-resistant SlipShield 1000 has been applied to the Superdome floors to improve the coefficient of friction and reduce slip and fall injuries. SlipShield 1000 was applied with an aggregate loading over a self leveling epoxy floor system by Python Corporation of Louisiana. Flooring consultant Manuel Taijeron of KTM Coating Technologies, San Diego and the Superdome arcthitect specified SlipShield 1000 for the public concourses and ramps at the New Orleans Mercedes Benz Superdome.

Precision Coatings® SlipShield 1000 is a clear sealer for application to ceramic tile, polished store, concrete and coated concrete that provides slip resistance for both dry and wet walking surfaces. Slipshield 1000 is a low odor and low VOC (less than 100 grams per liter) two component performance sealer. Slipshield is applied to clean, properly prepared ceramic tile, polished stone, polished concrete, coated concrete and steel decking to improve slip resistance by increasing the coefficient of friction in both dry and wet service conditions with and without the addition of translucent aggregates. Slipshield is stain resistant and easy to clean with with water and a mild detergent. Slipshield 1000 is available in a water clear formula as well as white, light gray and OSHA Safety Colors. Contact your Coatings West representative at 877.691.9601 for more infomration.