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Coatings West Products, Ameron, Dudick Coatings, PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, Precision Coatings and Finishes

Service Request Form

When you submit your service request report, it will be entered into our database for tracking purposes. Periodically we will post notices regarding service requests reported by our customers in the Application Suggestions section of this page, and tips on the FAQ page. Please review the product data sheets and included application instructions for each product you are using. Please use the appropriate mixing application tools for the product you have selected. For example, all products require drill motor mixing and a Jiffy Mixer or Jiffler Mixer is always recommended.


Service Issues

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  • If you're experiencing a problem with one of our products, please fill out and submit the following service request form.
  • For suggestions, or requests for improvements.
  • Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem.
  1. What product/service is this request for?

  2. Please enter a brief one-line description of the request:

    (example: "Coating dried in some areas but did not dry in other areas.")

  3. If there is a particular problem you are reporting, please describe it clearly:

  4. Please provide us with the following information so we can contact you: